Better Homes and Gardens: Bringing Everyone to the Table

Better Homes and Gardens has been “teaching America how to cook” for many generations and reaches 40 million readers.  Nancy Wall Hopkins, Deputy Senior Food and Entertaining Editor recently shared some great tips and trends from the test kitchen at BHG.

How fascinating to learn that Better Homes and Gardens has the oldest test kitchen in North America.  Lately, asparagus is taking centerstage on the plates in the BHG test kitchen.  Fried asparagus, asparagus toast, and an article by Chadwick Boyd that brought him to tears.

According to Nancy Hopkins, today’s  important trend is cooking: “We are in a revolution of people returning to the kitchen and cooking all their meals for their families.” And healthy eating continues to be prevalent along with the expansion of global ingredients in the home chef’s pantry. Also, casual dinner parties are another key trend.

Here are three great tips from Nancy Hopkins that will make it easy for you to spontaneously invite friends over to your home for a delicious gathering.

  1. Always have a signature beverage you can quickly prepare, and make sure you always have the ingredients stocked;
  2. Have a go-to dessert on hand.  Nancy likes to make cookies and freeze them in ziplock bags and warm them in the oven for guests; and
  3. Corral your seasonal entertaining items such as holiday cocktail napkins and store them in a box that’s readily accessible.

What are your favorite Better Homes and Gardens recipes?

Savor the day!

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