Barbara Lynch: A Boston Icon

Circumstances shouldn’t define or confine one’s dreams.  Award winning chef and restaurateur, Barbara Lynch, is an inspirational example of how someone can succeed despite limited resources and opportunities.  Chef Lynch tributes her high school home economics teacher for seeing her potential in the culinary industry, thus keeping her from dropping out of high school.   In her compelling book Out of Line: A life of Playing with Fire, Chef  Lynch shares personal stories and recipes that will encourage you to pursue your passion and ask “Why not?”

Chef Barbara Lynch got a taste at an early age of her culinary future.  She loved Howard Johnson’s fried clams so much that she would go “canning” to get money to buy them as a treat.  She recalls sharing this story many years later with Chef Jacques Pepin, the one who created this recipe for Howard Johnson.  A defining moment in her life was when she attended an event at Julia Child’s home as a young chef.  Noticing that Chef Lynch was sitting by herself, Julia Child joined her and spoke with her for two hours. Although Chef Lynch has won many prestigious awards including Outstanding Restaurateur by the James Beard Foundation and Relais and Chateaux Grand Chef (just to name a few) and has established some of Boston’s greatest restaurants, she always remembers her roots and established Barbara Lynch Foundation  This wonderful charity helps Boston’s inner city kids gain entrepreneurial skills along with opportunities to learn about cooking and nutrition.  Just as Julia Child encouraged her, Chef Lynch encourages others.  As a mentor, she always asks, “What’s your vision?”  and explains that it’s important to stick with your vision.

Poulet Au Pain Recipe
Photo by Jessica Marx
Editor: Tiina Loite

Here are Chef Barbara Lynch’s three tips for the home chef:

  1. Prep ahead with Mise en Place
  2. Don’t be afraid.
  3. Don’t try to cook restaurant food at home.  Dine out!

What’s your vision?

Savor the day!





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