An Appealing Plan with Krayl Funch

Krayl Funch An Appealing Plan

Celebrate each season with An Appealing Plan by Krayl Funch.  This highly acclaimed lifestyle and food expert provides the perfect touches for your home.  Her first tip is to literally add “life” to your table by creating a centerpiece with something that is alive, i.e. flowers, fruit or foliage.  “This will add life to your space by having something living in every room,” Krayl explains.

Krayl Funch also recommends planning a gathering for friends and family to help put you in the mindset for entertaining no matter what season it is.  A tree decorating party is always a fun way to include friends in helping trim your home for the holidays.  She also suggests hosting a dessert party.  To make each annual celebration even more special, Krayl likes to incorporate at least one new dish every holiday season.  And of course personalized party favors make the tables even brighter.  At one party, Krayl enjoyed spray painted pine cones used as the place cards for each guest.  Krayl’s unique idea for a hostess gift is to bring a food item in a new bowl or platter that the hostess can keep after the party. “It can be from TJ Maxx or Tiffany’s,” Krayl says.

Some new trends in home entertaining include potluck dinners.  Check out Krayl’s new book An Appealing Plan for more tips and recipes for hosting the perfect party and for celebrating every day.

What do you do to make the holidays a special celebration?

Savor the day!


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