Amish Pies and Recipes

What dish is always on the Amish dinner table? What is the secret to Amish carrot cake? Sherry Gore (author of Me, Myself and Pie) and Tricia Goyer share the delicious Amish recipes as they chat about their new book Made with Love: The Pinecraft Pie Series.

In addition to great Amish recipes, Sherry explains why she chose to become Amish in her 30s and the important role cooking continues to play in her life.  By the way, Amish Peanut Butter is always an important feature of an Amish meal.  According to Sherry, this marshmallow creamy mixture provides a “fluffy bowl” that you then slather on your bread.  

Tricia Goyer and I a few years ago. She is a sweet friend and a great author.

A photo of me with Tricia Goyer.  She is a sweet friend and a great author.

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