A Tribute to Chef Homaro Cantu

Last year, I had the honor of meeting Chef Homaro Cantu and sampling my first bite of molecular gastronomy at Moto.  As part of the International Association of Culinary Professionals (IACP) group, I had the incredible opportunity to have this private tour and tasting experience with fellow foodies.  Chef Homaro Cantu graciously welcomed each of us to his restaurant along with Chef Richie Farina.

Chef Homaru Cantu in Moto's kitchen

Chef Homaro Cantu in Moto’s kitchen

I will never forget the miracle berry tablet “flavor tripping” experience. Chef Cantu was a visionary and saw the potential of this West African berry to alter the taste of food in a positive and sustainable way.  This berry tablet can be used to help chemo patients tolerate the taste of food.  It can change the sour taste of lemons into something sweet.  I remember the pill melting on my tongue.  We were then asked to take a big bite of a lemon.  My fellow foodies were amazed at the transformation of taste.  I however tried not to make a scene after biting into my lemon.  Apparently, I am one of the very few people whose tastebuds aren’t affected by the miracle berry.

The Magic Berry at Moto

The Magic Berry at Moto

It was also fascinating to visit the kitchen and the indoor MotoFarm.  In the kitchen, Chef Farina caramelized biodegradable packaging “peanuts” for everyone to try as Chef Cantu mingled with our group.  I shall always remember his kindness.

Chef Richie Farina preps the biodegradable packaging peanuts

Chef Richie Farina preps the biodegradable packaging peanuts

Chef Homaro Cantu was a shining star in the culinary community.  Chicago and the world will miss him.  If you would like to donate to his memorial, here is the information:

Cantu Children’s Trust, 1555 Sherman Ave., Box 177, Evanston, Il. 60201

Savor the day!.

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