A Thank You Note from Cecil B. deMille

What an amazing surprise to run across my late dad’s college scrapbook and discover a thank you note from the legendary director, Cecil B. deMille typed on Paramount Pictures Corporation stationery! Here’s a copy of the letter:

Thank You Letter from Cecil B deMille

Isn’t this amazing that over six decades ago, a Hollywood director recognized the value and consumer interest in faith based movies? And how touching that Cecil B deMille took the time to respond to a college senior’s correspondence.

So what do I glean from this sliver of the silver screen? First is the lesson from my dad — He taught me to never be afraid to respectfully let someone know what you think about something. How often do we let situations slip quietly by and miss potential “Cecil B DeMille moments” in life?

My dad always encouraged me to be engaged in the process of living by interacting with those around you. Take the time to acknowledge, encourage and validate others with a letter, an email, a phone call or even just a smile.

In Guideposts’ recently released book, Dancing on my Father’s Shoes, I share another special letter – this one was written by my dad to me while I was in college.

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