A Gift of Hope for Mother's Day

Just like the kitchen is the heart of our own homes, the kitchen is also the heart of the homes at WINGS.  Women and children sit around the table and share meals with fellow survivors of domestic violence who have made the bold decision to flee to safety and begin a new life without fear.  Most of these women and children arrive at the safe house with only the clothes they are wearing.  WINGS provides safe shelter, food, clothing and a promising future.  As a member of the Leadership Advisory Board for WINGS, I would like to spotlight this special charity.  Here is my kitchen chat in the safe house kitchen with WINGS CEO Rebecca Darr. Click here to donate to #WINGS2beBOLD


For five years, WINGS hosted Taste Takes Flight.  Since Kitchen Chat loves to pair charity and cuisine, here is a photo and link to my interview with celebrity Chef Jaime Laurita in his kitchen.  He hosted the WINGS event in 2013 and has been a generous supporter of WINGS.  Click here to listen to our kitchen chat. 

A photo with Chef Jaime Laurita at WINGS event in 2014

A photo with Chef Jaime Laurita at WINGS event in 2013

By supporting #WINGS2beBOLD, you will help keep the kitchen of WINGS as the heart of the safe houses.  Your donation will go toward providing food, shelter and clothing for women and children.  As Rebecca Darr mentioned, WINGS just opened a new safe house in Chicago and has a safe house in the Chicago suburbs.  Already this year, WINGS has helped house over 1,000 people.

I have personally met several of the survivors.  These brave women and their children are shining examples of how their bold decisions to leave a dangerous situation and reach out to WINGS have helped open the doors to a brighter future.  They are inspirations and truly reflect the strength of #WINGS2beBOLD

For $50 donation, WINGS will send Mother's Day card with seeds to someone you want to honor.

For $50 donation, WINGS will send Mother’s Day card with seeds to someone you want to honor.

Please consider a donation to honor or remember your mom on Mother’s Day.  Thank you for investing in the lives of women and children. Also, please consider sharing this post with your friends and encourage them to help WINGS.  With a donation of $50 for Mother’s Day, WINGS will send a packet of seeds with a Mother’s Day card to someone you want to honor. You can help plant seeds of hope for a future without domestic violence.

Savor the day!


Disclaimer:  I am honored to be helping WINGS with this #WINGS2beBOLD campaign and am being compensated for my time; however, all opinions expressed are my own.



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