A Culinary Celebration at Macy's with Corelle and Chef Takashi Yagihashi

Corelle creates lasting memories and moments.  I still remember peeking in the oven with anticipation to watch my mother’s broccoli casserole bake in the familiar cornflower dish by CorningWare. Blue Cornflower became a pattern of my life.  Corelle is truly engineered for life and is known as “the strongest plate you can find in the world.”  The durability and reliability of Corelle’s classic chic allure continues to connect with all generations.   And it is all proudly Made in the USA!


How exciting to attend a recent dinner hosted by Macy’s to celebrate the launch of Corelle’s newest product line: Market Street New York.  James Beard awarding winner, Chef Takashi Yogihashi curated the menu that featured Crudo of Scottish Salmon and Salmon Roe, Japanese Style Gumbo, Roulade of Amish Chicken and Zuzu Sheep’s Milk Panna Cotta.

Chef Takashi Yagihashi, Chef/Owner of Slurping Turtle and a member of Macy’s Culinary Council

Corelle’s West End gold and silver pattern adorned the table with simple elegance.  The  culinary arts of Chef Takaszhi’s delicious menu and the artistry of Corelle’s Market Street New York decorative dinnerware created the perfect pairing.

Chef Takashi’s Menu


Crudo of Scottish Salmon and Salmon Roe Umami-Soy, Chili Oil, Avocado, Visalia Onions

Enjoy my video kitchen chat with Chef Takashi as he describes the ingredients of each featured dish and shares how he creates umami.  On an interesting side note, Chef Takashi uses okra as a thickening agent or “power vegetable” for his Japanese Style Gumbo.


What are your favorite Corelle memories?  


Savor the day!


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